Santa Cruz California based creative design leader, apparel industry veteran, travel enthusiast, active junkie, inspired by the outdoors, and believer in the power of wellness.

I grew up in the Midwest and built my career on the West Coast, making a home base between Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area.

With solid roots in the industry I’ve routed my path to partner on projects that have foundation in sustainability, preservation of localized craftsmanship, focus on social conciousness, accessibility within market space, and integrity in quality. My devotion to global travel and exploration has influenced a personal mission to support indigenous industries and develop opportunities for sustainable commerce.

Establishing a vision and strategizing the creation is the core of design and development. The journey of this process is what inspires me to create. When consulting on projects, I am passionate about influencing teams to feel empowered about the product, to deliver authenticity in vision and brand space, and to ultimately be their best self in doing so.

With 15 years of industry experience, I‘ve had the opportunity to work with a network of industry visionaries, collaborating on a portfolio of national retailers and brands.

What I offer

Design Leader - Team Builder - Product Creator                                       Strategic Brand Development

Trend Forecast, Analysis, and Curation                                                      Micro/Macro Consumer Behavior

Logistics and Operations                                                                             Marketing and Social Media

Retail Buying, Merchandising, and Planning                                              Business Development

Email and Web Campaign Road-mapping                                                  Selling Channel Management